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Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Beginners: Master Guitar in 3 Short Months!

  • Our Guitar Lessons Are Simple, Straight Forward And Quick
  • Do It Right And I Guarantee You Will Be Rocking like A Professional Fast

If you are on this page, it means you have taken the first step to learn to play the guitar. Congrats!

It’s OK if you are a complete beginner! We have sweet deals for you!

Many of our students are beginners, too, both adults and children. No matter what their age, they often wish they had taken proper lessons earlier!

Strumming a tune on a guitar is such a wonderful way to relax and destress.

99% of our students provide exceptional good feedback about our services and even recommend us to their friends. I hope you will be one of them too!

3 Reasons Why Our Guitar Students Love Our Free Matching Service

1) They love how we match them to a teacher who meets their needs and aspirations.

Let us know your interest, concerns and availability. And we shall introduce a suitable professional guitar teacher within one day!

2) They have fun during lessons learning from true professionals who advance their skills in enjoyable ways.

We handpick our instructors through interviews and feedback. They have proven track records for cultivating excellent guitar students. Imagine playing the guitar like a pro in as little as 60 days . . . take action now to start this fulfilling journey.

3) They enjoy the mentorship and quick results.

Learning from an experienced guitar teacher helps you rectify your mistakes immediately. You stop wasting time. Every lesson becomes exciting as you are learning new skills and techniques in fine-tuning your guitar skills with the support of an effective teacher.

Essentially, it is tough to learn to play the guitar without guidance. Even if you are committed to practicing frequently and have a good ear for playing, you cannot know where you are going wrong. So get curious about how we can help you get better results fast.

Any questions about music lessons? Let us help you.

Don't waste your time surfing websites, because that cannot show you how capable the music teachers really are and if they are right for you. Talk to us personally. We have a ready pool of pre-screened guitar teachers ready to cultivate your talent, and we have the experience to help you pick the right one. CONTACT US TODAY - WE RESPOND WITHIN 24 HOURS To ask about our free Music Teacher Matching Service or anything else related to music lessons, just call Audrey at (65) 8168-8251, email us at, or send us a message through our website. We look forward to helping you make your musical dreams come true!

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Guitar Lessons Singapore is a successful go-to agency that is well connected to the best guitar and ukulele teachers in Singapore. We have been helping interested guitar students find certified and qualified guitar teachers since October 2007.

We are part of the Absolutely In-Tuned! music agency.