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Christian Guitar Lessons

Serve Your God Through Music Ministry

  • Have you always wanted to play Christian  music well enough to lead worship sessions?
  • Do you love music, and want to enhance your spiritual practice by serving a higher purpose through music?

“I perform for the church now! As the key guitarist! – I always played a few chords here and there. Finally took the plunge to learn lessons. Now, my skills have improved dramatically and I’m serving my church through music.”
~John Jose, 38

Many of our guitar teachers are Christians themselves. And they would enjoy sharing their passion and love for Christian music with you.

Like many of our satisfied students, you may like to teach guitar within your cell group and lead others in a deeper level of worship for God. Or simply play beautiful Christian music anywhere as an expression of your faith. We are glad to help you achieve your purpose.

Overview of the Course

  1. You learn strong foundations for playing guitar, including guitar tabs and tablature. Christian songs may be simple in structure yet can be profound in their spiritual effects.
  2. The melody usually consists of a simple grafted tablature with three- or four-note patterns. Well defined harmonic implications are also used to play the longer phrases.
  3. You  learn the core patterns, motives and the melodic formulae in improvisation techniques that work well in Christian music, as well as basic building blocks and identifiers.
  4. Learn combining Arpeggios, Chromaticism and the Motives. For instance, a song might include three motions and patterns, namely, ascending arpeggio, chromatic descent and the descending arpeggio.
  5. Learn the nuances of melody and the various ways to strum them, and how to practise each song to perfection.
  6. Learn different songs for different occasions that you could play both for church services and smaller gatherings with friends.

Imagine how wonderful you shall feel when everyone sings along joyously and is inspired by the music you play and the loving and encouraging mood you help create. Taking Christian guitar lessons can make that happen for you.


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