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Guitar Plucking Lessons

Learn to Pluck a Guitar With Finesse and Hypnotic Effect

I always struggled with guitar plucking techniques but not anymore! After learning to play for 2 years, I couldn’t master plucking techniques. However, after 3 lessons with Suff, it finally made sense and I was plucking pretty well. Amazing that I could become so much better with a few easy tips! Wonder why it took me so long!”
~Halim, 29

Some of the most well-loved guitar riffs are played by expertly plucking guitar strings.

Learn to pluck your guitar the right way and you shall be rewarded with endless hours of beautiful music whether you play popular music composed by others, or write music yourself.

Overview of the Guitar Plucking Course

You shall learn the correct place to place the fingers of your left hand and which strings to pluck with which fingers on the right hand, and of cos the best way to do so. There are 6 string and you practise a sequence of steps from string to string. Good practice after the lesson will help you get better at plucking a guitar.
Practice Often For Best Results

Continual practice at home and regular guitar plucking lessons in Singapore will see you through.

A word for the beginners is that it may get a little more challenging when the sixth string is reached. However, with proper instruction from the right guitar teacher, plucking lessons can provide you the complete guide to step-by-step procedure for plucking.


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