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Lesson Fees

How Much Should You Be Paying for Guitar or Ukulele Lessons?

Save More $$$ & Learn Better – Learn Guitar At Home

Here are some estimated on guitar and ukulele lesson fees in Singapore. You can count on us to find the best value for money to meet your specific needs. See below for our popular 12th Lesson Free packages.

For Individuals and Groups

♥ Personalised guitar or ukulele lessons at home

♥ No registration fee

♥ Half price lessons for additional student(s) in group class

It typically takes 3 to 5 months for a complete beginner to learn a new musical instrument competently, with one lesson a week. Many students can play complete songs after 60 days.

Seize our great promotional prices and kickstart your musical dreams today.

We promise to find you the most excellent music teachers we can, and shall continue to look after you even after lessons have started.

If a music teacher is not meeting your needs, we replace him or her at no additional cost. Your satisfaction is important to us – 100% Satisfaction or A Full Refund.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please expect actual fees to differ. What you pay depends on which teacher you choose, what kind of musical genre you’re learning, what level of music lessons you require,  how many months of lessons you are signing up for, and so on.

WE RECOMMEND – One lesson per week and practising on your own as many days as possible before the next lesson to make the most of your musical investment.

Popular Guitar Lesson Package – 12th Lesson Free

Table 1: Compare Savings on Different Packages if Fees are $55 Per Lesson (Sample fee)

Sample Fee Per Lesson Package Registration Fee Total Paid Average Fee/
(A) Individual
1 month
$55 4 Lessons $40 $260 $65
(B) Individual
3 months
$55 12th Lesson Free WAIVED $700 $605 (Save $95) $50.42
(C) Group Lesson
2 Pax
1 month
$55 & $27.50 4 Lessons $40 each $520
$410 (Save $110)
(D) Group Lesson
2 Pax
3 months
$55 & $27.50 12th Lesson Free x2 WAIVED $1,560
$907.50 (Save $652.50)
(E) Group Lesson
3 Pax
3 months
$55 & $27.50 x2  12th Lesson free x3 WAIVED $2,340
$1,210 (Save $1,130)
The more you sign up for, the more you save per lesson per person. The maximum size of the group shall be determined by the teacher’s recommendation and space available at the lesson venue.

(A) Individual – 1 Month

Student signs up for 1-month (4 lessons) = $220
– Additional one-time registration fee of $40
– Total cost $260

(B) Individual – 3 Months

12th Lesson Free

Student signs up for 3-months (12 lessons)
– Student promotion: Pay for 11 lessons, get 1 lesson free
– Waiver of $40 registration fee
– 1 Free lesson (i.e. pay for 11 lessons, get 1 lesson free)
– Total cost $605

(C) Bring a friend – 1 Month (2 persons)

– Student promotion: Student + Friend at 50% off = $220 + $110
– Additional one-time registration fee of $40 each
– Friend pays 50% of fees
– Note: If student brings 3 or more friends, each friend will be charged at 50%. This is also applicable to parent-child group formations
– Total Cost $410

(D) Bring a friend – 3 Months (2 persons)

Friend pays only 50% | 12th Lesson Free x2

– Student promotion: Student + Friend at 50% off + 1 lesson free = ($55 + $27.50) x 11 lessons
– Waiver of $40 registration fee x2
– Friend pays 50% of fees
– 1 Free lesson x2 (i.e. pay for 11 lessons, get 1 lesson free)
– Total Cost $907.50

(E) Bring 2 friends – 3 Months (3 persons)

Friend pays only 50% x2 | 12th Lesson Free x2

– Student promotion: Student + Friend at 50% off + 1 lesson free = ($55 + $27.50 + $27.50) x 11 lessons
– Waiver of $40 registration fee x3
– 2 friends pays 50% of fees
– 1 Free lesson x3 (i.e. pay for 11 lessons, get 1 lesson free)
– Total Cost $1,210


  1.  If the first student brings 2 or more friends (or family members), each additional person pays only 50% of lesson fees (excludes registration fee). Size of group lessons depends on the music teacher’s recommendation and amount of space available at venue. We do not recommend group teaching for more than four people.
  2. Some teachers recommend shorter lessons, especially for younger students who  may not have the attention span to benefit fully from longer lessons.
  3. Some teachers recommend longer lessons so that they can make the most out of consolidating the learnings for each lesson. We can find you the optimum lesson type for at the best price because we have a big database of proven teachers to choose from.

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